Naples Zoo can look back on a long tradition. Already in 1919, exotic plants were on display here. Today, the zoo houses 70 animal species, many of which are endangered. With more than 300.000 visitors a year, the zoo is a hugely popular tourist attraction. It has also been accredited by the AZA, an organization that rates American zoos according to conservation efforts and the animals´ well-being. If you are looking for family-friendly fun and exciting animal encounters, Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is the perfect place for you.


One glance at the map is enough to see: At Naples Zoo you can take a journey through different continents and habitats. Navigating the park is easy thanks to the loop trail that goes around multiple lakes.

Starting point is Alligator Bay, where you can watch Florida’s famous reptiles being fed. Countless water birds live here as well. Further to the south, two species from South America are found: ant eaters and agoutis: rodents that populate an area from Mexico to Argentina. Furthermore, you can see turtles and endangered tamarin monkeys.

The trail continues through an African savannah populated by lions, zebras and gazelles. Bongo antelopes live here, too. This species is extremely rare, with not even 100 animals left in the wild. A resident from South East Asia is the clouded leopard – a shy cat easily recognizable by its blotched fur pattern.

Lake Victoria, a miniature replica of Africa’s most famous lake, makes up the largest part of the zoo. Here, you can board a boat and watch primates like chimpanzees, lemurs and gibbons that live on a small island. There are no fences, so you will have prime photo opportunities while listening to the knowledgeable guides.

Back on land, it is time to visit the giraffes. You can even pay to feed the animals. Cheetahs, hyenas and Florida panthers live nearby, and black bears run around in their spacious enclosure. The animal shows featuring cute armadillos, genets and skunks are a fun and exciting highlight for children and adults alike.

More animals at Naples Zoo include:

  • parrots
  • honey badgers
  • pythons
  • coyotes
  • hornbills
  • black vultures.

Naples Zoo is the perfect place for families with children: not only because the paths are easy to walk and lie in the shade. There are also picnic areas and multiple playgrounds. Cafés and snack/drink stalls are available for hungry and thirsty visitors. Unlike in many other zoos, it is not allowed to pet the animals or take selfies with them. Instead, the animals are kept in an appropriate and natural way. Not surprisingly, Naples Zoo is involved in countless conservation programs. This way, you can be sure your entrance fee serves a good cause.


Naples Zoo is open every day from 9 am–5 pm. Free on-site parking is available.

Tickets cost 22.95 USD for adults and 14.95 USD for children aged 3–12. Naples Zoo can charge these very fair prices because it enjoys tax-exemption as a non-profit organization. What is more, with coupons from websites like dealscove, mustdo and groupons, you can save up to 50 %.


In addition to daily animal shows and feeding times, Naples Zoo also houses the following popular events:

  • Safari Squad: educational parent-child-programs for little guests aged 3–5
  • Conservation Lecture: expert lectures on conservation topics
  • Zoo Yoga: yoga courses amidst lush, natural surroundings
  • Spring Fest: Easter egg hunts and photos with the Easter Bunny for children
  • Boo at the Zoo: Halloween decorations, trick or treating and costume contests
  • Winter Fest: children’s games, cookie decorating and a meets and greets with Santa Claus.

In addition, you can host your own event at Naples Zoo – for example, birthdays, corporate events or weddings with up to 350 guests.


Zoo Naples is centrally located in Naples and can be reached on foot from many sights in the city.