The supermarket chain Publix has been serving customers for almost 100 years, making it one of the main shopping institutions in the Southern US. A whopping 831 stores are located in Florida alone, among them branches in Miami Beach, Miami, Naples and of course, Cape Coral. The small town on the Gulf Coast houses seven Publix stores, so many vacationers in Cape Coral end up there to buy groceries. The chain is not only omnipresent, but also highly popular: When the Market Force Information institute conducted a survey on customer satisfaction, Publix took a more than honorable second place. With so many happy shoppers, it is time to highlight the reasons behind the success story of Publix.


Florida’s Publix markets are your perfect choice for all types of food: from fresh meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables to baked goods. Transparency is key at Publix, so customers can easily check whether or not a product contains artificial preservatives and is suited for pregnant women. With GreenWise, a line of organic products, Publix caters to the needs of an increasingly aware customer base.

Gourmands will love the stores´ own delis with their freshly made sandwiches, as well as the sushi bars. Many sorts of beer and wine are available, and next to the main building you will find a liquor store. Publix not only offers food products and drinks, but also household items, beauty products and flowers. What is more, every branch comes with its own pharmacy where you can get certain medicine like antibiotics for free if you have a prescription.

the range of products at publix


“Where Shopping is a Pleasure” – this is the philosophy embodied by Publix. And while many other companies are striving to achieve the same standards, Publix goes the extra mile to guarantee a particularly helpful and friendly service. For example, Publix staff will not only explain where you can find a product, but take you there themselves. They also direct you to the shortest checkout line. And of course, the cashiers will pack your items for you. If you want, you can even have the groceries brought to your car.

While many supermarkets are revolving doors for poorly trained, disposable employees that are hired and fired in a heartbeat, Publix motivates their staff with health insurance and many educational programs. Publix is “employee owned”, meaning that shares are held by its workers. This creates a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company – no wonder that Forbes Magazine has declared Publix one of the best employers in the USA.

The friendly customer service is complemented by a comfortable shopping experience. Before you step into your car, you can check the availability of a product on the official website Thanks to the Publix smartphone app, locating an item at the store is easier than ever, making time-consuming searches a thing of the past.

What is more, Publix lets you return any item even if you have already opened it. Of course, nobody will want to return an open can of tuna – but it is reassuring that you can.


Of course, high quality and excellent customer service have their price, which shows at the supermarket checkout. Publix ranks among the more expensive chains in Florida. On average, their customers pay 6% more than at Trader Joe’s and 25% more than at discount giant Walmart. Kroger, Target and ALDI are slightly cheaper as well.

Nonetheless, there are amazing discounts at Publix. The chain is known for its generous coupon policy, letting customers use multiple vouchers for one product. This also applies to third-party coupons, provided Publix sells the same item. What is more, the company offers “Buy one, get one free” deals as well as huge discounts on baby products. To sum sup: With a little bit of planning, you can easily save up to 80% when shopping at Publix.