Since 1977, Chuck E Cheese has been serving delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere. One of the chain’s many restaurants is located in Fort Myers, directly at the Highway US-41. First-timers who expect a simple fast food joint with a kid’s menu will be surprised: Chuck E Cheese restaurants are not only places to eat and drink: They are super-sized playgrounds with exciting games and prizes that will keep your kids busy for hours.



Chuck E Cheese provides the right type of fun for children of all ages – whether they are three, five or eight years old. Exciting arcade and touch screen games like the fishing simulator let little guests put their skills to the test. But there is not only on-screen activities. Kids can also enjoy themselves with ball games, bowling, hockey, dancing games, shooting simulators and crane claw machines. The games are not only fun, but also offer the chance to win tickets that can be traded for a variety of prizes. Some of the gifts are available for a handful of tickets. But of course, serious players will want to master the games in order to win top prizes. Once per hour, Chuck E Cheese himself enters the scene and throws tickets in the air, so do not be surprised if you see excited children scrambling on the floor. Of course, parents are also invited to unleash their inner child. Thanks to the attentive staff they can do so without worrying about their kids. A ticket-stamping system ensures that little guests can only exit the restaurant with their parents.


After running around and trying out all the games, your kids will be hungry. Luckily, Chuck E Cheese specifically caters to the taste of its little customers. Mice love cheese, so it is no surprise that pizzas are so popular here. You can choose from three different sizes and have your pizza topped just the way you want it. Of course, vegetarian and gluten free choices are available as well. The menu also features chicken wings, Mexican wraps, sandwiches and appetizers like mozzarella sticks. For dessert, try sweet specialties like the giant pizza-shaped cookie. If you are looking for a healthy option, the salad bar with more than 30 ingredients has you covered. Many different soft drinks are available, and parents can also order beer.


Want to see your youngsters get really excited? Then host their birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. No matter if your kid is into superheroes, football, rock stars or princesses – the restaurant provides the right theme for every taste. The unforgettable party begins with a personal greeting by Chuck E Cheese, who will even sing a birthday song and take a selfie with his special guest. Afterwards, it is time to cut the birthday cake adorned with your kid’s favorite motif.

Your own personal server will make sure the party guests are well cared for. Then, the real fun can begin. The Unlimited Games & Ride Pass lets you try out as many games as you want for 2 hours. In addition to exciting activities like Pinata, no birthday event at Chuck E Cheese would be complete without the Ticket Blaster: Standing in a glass tube with fans, the birthday kid has to try and grab as many whirling tickets as possible.


If you want to stay up to date on deals and offers at Chuck E Cheese, you should visit the official website. The best bargains can be struck with coupons. Have them sent directly to your phone and enjoy discounts on food and drinks as well as free game tokens. It also pays to visit the restaurant on weekdays, when Chuck E Cheese offers unlimited games and reduced prices for pizza. There is something for everybody here, so if you are visiting Cape Coral and Fort Myers with kids, this restaurant should rank high on your list.



Want to see the famous mouse in person? Then plan your trip to Chuck E Cheese here.