Those who love American luxury cars will be familiar with the name Packard. From 1899 to 1954 this company in Detroit built cars for wealthy customers – among them movie stars, politicians and mobsters. In these days, if you wanted to be somebody, you had to buy a Packard. Today, no more models are produced. However, thanks to collector Arthur Stone, a whole museum in Fort Lauderdale is devoted to Packard cars. Everybody who is even slightly interested in automobile history should stop by here. And even those who are not might still enjoy the journey to a time when driving cars was a gentleman’s sport.

Attractions at the Antique Car Museum

The Antique Car Museum features the world’s biggest collection of cars by manufacturer Packard, and is modeled after a 1920s showroom. All vehicles are kept in prime condition: Take, for example, the Runabout Speedster, an eight cylinder marvel with elegant bronze fittings.

Of course: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and cars like the bright red Model 740 might not match the tastes of today’s motorists. The golden deco and huge hood ornament, however, are true eye catchers. The Station Sedan with its wooden panels is another intriguing vehicle.

Fans of gangster movies might recognize the Model 1100. In addition, the Antique Car Museum displays a colorful delivery truck, convertibles and limousines from the 1950s. And if you think driving a car was uncomfortable 100 years ago, the Model 1-35´s living room-like interior will change your mind.

Thanks to its historic look, walking through the museum is a remarkable experience. For example, there is even the replica of an old gas station. Detailed panels will give you all the technical specs of every model, and some cars are open so you can examine the powerful engines up-close. As if all this was not enough, you will find a multitude of miniature cars, vehicle parts and Packard memorabilia. You should account for at least 2 hours to see everything the collection has to offer.

Opening Hours and Entrance Fees at the Antique Car Museum

The Antique Car Museum is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. On Saturday, the museum is open by appointment.

The museum is run by a Non Profit Organization on a donation basis. Tickets cost 10 USD for adults and 5 USD for children aged 5–12. Of course, you can also donate more if you want to support the collector’s work. Group tours are available upon request.

If you want to throw a “Roaring Twenties” party, you can rent the museum for your own event. Thanks to the huge space and a catering service, the venue is perfect for birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. You can find more information on the official website

Directions to the Antique Car Museum

The Antique Car Museum is situated in Central Fort Lauderdale, between sights like the Fort Lauderdale Airport, Port Everglades, the Stranahan House and Las Olas Beach.