Flying from Germany to Cape Coral is super-easy thanks to the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. From there, you just have to drive for 30 minutes to reach the city on the Gulf.

With Air Berlin out of business, there is only one German airline with direct flights to Fort Myers: Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings. Nonstop flights start from Düsseldorf and are available for as little as 200 Euros. The flight takes 10 hours and 40 minutes. If you want to save money, you can also start from Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin or Munich. These flights, however, include a stopover in Düsseldorf, adding 4-6 hours to your trip. Passengers should know that Basic Eurowings flights do not come with free meals, only water. You also have to pay an additional 50 Euros for checked luggage and 150 Euros for bags over 23 kilograms.

The parent company Lufthansa also offers flights to Fort Myers, although no direct ones are available. Travelers from Stuttgart pay the lowest price, followed by Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. Prices start at 360 Euros for a return ticket. In the months of June and July, costs increase to 500 and even 900 Euros for the cheapest tickets. Most flights include a stopover in New York or Chicago. If the waiting time is long enough, passengers can opt for a little city trip before continuing their journey to Florida.


If you prefer a direct flight to Florida, there are budget-friendly alternatives to Fort Myers. 41 direct connections are available from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich to Florida. Choosing these airports can save you a lot of money: Tickets from Frankfurt to Miami, for example, are available for only 200 Euros in June and July. More destinations served directly by Lufthansa are Orlando and Tampa.

Of course the price is not the only determining factor when picking an airline. With flight durations of 10 hours and more, the service is also important. Eurowings is known as a low-cost airline with fewer amenities than its parent company Lufthansa. If you wish, however, you can upgrade your ticket with food and entertainment choices online. Stretching your legs is a luxury on long flights. Luckily, Eurowings is now offering a crossover between Economy and Business Class: Premium Economy tickets come with slightly more leg space without being as expensive as the Business Class.

If you want to save money on your direct flight, you should book well in advance – at least 2 months, as Florida is a highly popular holiday destination. It is also cheaper to buy a return ticket straight away. Sometimes attractive offers can be found directly on the airline’s website. This way you will have more money to spend on your unforgettable vacation in Cape Coral.

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