Fort Myers Information & Travel Tipps – learn what makes Fort Myers the ideal place for your next vacation.

The Best Sights and Attractions

Fort Myers, the Seat of Lee County, has long been a popular retreat for guests from the Northern US, among them important figures like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. To this day the city amazes visitors with its scenic beaches, interesting museums and family-friendly attractions, accompanied by a wide variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Downtown Fort Myers is situated directly at the Caloosahatchee River, hence the name River District. This historic city center is the perfect starting point for your sightseeing trip. Here you can visit charming antique stores and get to know Fort Myers´ early days and architectural heritage on a guided tour. History fans should not miss the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, where business magnate Henry Ford and inventor Thomas Edison used to spend their vacation in Fort Myers. Inside, visitors can marvel at antique cars and Edison’s famous inventions.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of science, you should visit the IMAG History & Science Center. Exhibitions on tropical storms, exciting physics experiments and virtual reality tours to the early days of Fort Myers await you there. Want to learn more about the history of Florida’s railway system? Then visit the Railroad Museum with its historic locomotives and go for a ride with the miniature train.

The heritage of Florida’s native inhabitants is not only apparent in place names like “Caloosahatchee”, “Tampa” and “Miami”. Fort Myers´ Mound House marks the place where the Calusa Indians erected huge shell mounds to overlook the area. Here, children can test their skills at spear throwing workshops and create their own jewelry out of sea shells.

A Beach Lover´s Paradise

Fort Myers Beach not only attracts visitors with its fine, white sand, palm trees, turquoise waters and charming boardwalk. A shallow drop also makes this beach ideal for families with children. Whether you want to ride jet skis, go surfing or sailing – a wide variety of watersports is available. Looking for peace and quiet? Then take a trip to nearby Sanibel Island with its famous Lighthouse Beach. On the way, you can watch fishermen at work and observe water birds like pelicans. Lighthouse Beach features white, powdery sand and a huge variety of colorful shells. For more beautiful beaches, take a boat trip to islands like North Captiva and Cayo Costa.

A Beach Lover´s Paradise - Fort Myers

A World of Shopping Opportunities

Fort Myers is a true paradise for shopping fans and bargain hunters, so better leave some room in your suitcase for clothes and souvenirs. Open-air shopping is highly popular here, as are the elegantly designed boutiques. More than 140 stores grace the shopping complex Miromar Outlet with its beautiful fountains, and if you want to go shopping in the heart of Fort Myers, Times Square is the place for you. Here, you will find a huge variety of fashion shops with a focus on swimwear, as well as international restaurants. Looking for local products? Then visit the Downtown Farmers Market with its seafood, baked goods, nuts, cheese and many other types of food. A main institution in Fort Myers is the Fleasters Market. In addition to toys and paraphernalia of every kind, this market also offers fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fast food stalls in case you get hungry.

Scenic Nature

The administration of Fort Myers places great importance on the protection of its natural surroundings. Take the Six Miles Cypress Slough Preserve, for example: extensive wetlands that visitors explore on elevated boardwalks. Here, you can observe turtles, raccoons, otters and even alligators if you are lucky. Bird Watchers should visit the 689 acre Lakes Park south of Fort Myers. And you do not even have to stroll far to see animals in Fort Myers: The Butterfly Estates is home to myriads of colorful pollinators, and at the Manatee Park visitors get close to Florida’s famous sea cows (manatees) that come here in the winter months.

Restaurants – Delicious Treats Everywhere

In Fort Myers, hungry guests can choose from a variety of international restaurants for every taste and budget. Seafood ranks high on the menu, for example at the Parrot Key restaurant known for its delicious shrimps. Afterwards, you should try Key Lime Pie, a local dessert with condensed milk and lime juice. Fort Myers is also home to excellent breakfast restaurants: pancakes, bacon and doughnuts will give you plenty of energy for your sightseeing day. Of course, freshly made fruit shakes and salads are available as well. If you love Italian specialties, you should dine at Osteria Celli, where the Italian chef from Milano still prepares the pasta by hand. No vacation in Florida would be complete without trying the Cuban Sandwich, for example at the top-rated Fat Katz Sports Bistro.

Accomodation in Fort Myers

Fort Myers offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxurious hotels and vacation homes to budget-friendly hostels. Boutique hotels attract guests with their beautifully designed rooms and their intimate atmosphere. If you want to sleep near the ocean and enjoy the sunset from your balcony, you should book a hotel in Fort Myers Beach. The Best Western Hotel Inn & Suites is your perfect starting point for trips to Captiva Beach and also features its own fitness-center and swimming pool.

Climate and Weather

If you are looking for warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine and low precipitation, you should visit Fort Myers during main season from November to April. Keep in mind, however, that hotels are more expensive and sell out quickly during that time. Booking in advance is highly advisable. From June to September temperatures rise to over 30 degrees Celsius. Rainfall also increases, although the showers rarely last long. If you want to enjoy pleasant weather with only 10 rain days per month while avoiding the expensive main season, you should visit the city in May or October.