Vacationers are not the only ones who love Florida’s coast. Dogs enjoy some watery fun, too. And while most beaches are off-limits for canine companions, there is one place in Venice where dogs and their owners can splash around to their hearts content. In this article, you will learn what makes Brohard Paw Park the perfect place for dogs and their owners.

Brohard Paw Park & Beach is the only dog beach in Sarasota County where the animals can run around without a leash. The extensive beach is located just a 3 minute car ride north of Venice Airport and 5 minutes from historic Downtown. Here, guests enjoy a perfect view of the Venice Fishing Pier. Two separate entrances for big and small dogs are available, and the beach is big enough for all dogs and dog-owners to find a quiet spot. This is important in case your dog does not get along well with others. For misbehaving dogs there is a fenced „Time Out“ area.

The sand is coarse and pleasantly cool, so you do not have to worry about burnt feet or paws. Dog owners who expect to be fobbed off with a second-class beach will be surprised: The water is just as crystal-clear and clean as you would expect from a beach in Venice – no wonder that even non-dog owners love to visit Brohard Paw Park. In addition to its beautiful looks, the beach also features a true highlight: shark teeth are washed ashore and can be collected as souvenirs.

Brohard Paw Park is often praised for its excellent cleanliness. Of course, this depends on the conduct of visitors. There are enough trashcans, so cleaning up after your pet should not be a problem. More amenities include benches, picnic tables, showers and water dispensers. There is even a dog shower with free shampoo, so you can wash your companion before putting him in your car. On the downside, natural shade is in short supply, so guests should bring an umbrella.

If you have had enough of the beach, you can visit the fenced-in playground for dogs. Hungry visitors should take a walk to nearby Venice Pier with its excellent seafood restaurant – a perfect place to watch the sunset after your day of swimming.


Brohard Paw Park is open daily from 7 am to sundown. Free parking is available.

Please note: Like other beaches in the Sunshine State, Brohard Paw Park sometimes sees outbreaks of the Red Tide, a concentration of algae that causes respiratory problems in humans and dogs. Before you visit the beach, you should check the website of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:  Here, you will find a live map showing the recent risk of Red Tide in Florida.


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